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What is nicer than surprising your loved ones at home with a wonderful

memento? In addition to the popular beer culture city sixpacks, you’ll

find everything that a beer-lover’s heart desires at the inns of the breweries

Berg and Schwanen, including collector mugs, beer mustard and liqueur,

on to party kegs!

Beer tours

The attractive deals offered to you by the “Berg Brewery” and

“Schwanen Inn Brewery” will make your stay in the town of beer

culture an unique experience. You can expect outstanding brewery

tours, beer brewing courses and delicious beer dishes! So come and

find out!

Beer culture city online

Our website is also available in English. Furthermore, extensive informa-

tion is available to you in English language on accommodations, culinary

offers, leisure tips, and a variety of other offers here in our Beer Culture


we look forward to welcoming you!