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Unique Beer-Culture-Variety!

43 Beers, 4 Breweries, 1 city

Welcome to the Beer Culture City of Ehingen, which with its 4 historical,

independent breweries, is home of the most unique quality beer expe-

rience in all of Baden-Wuerttemberg!

43 beers, 4 breweries and a broad range of touristic and cultural offers

“all about beer” await you in our beautiful town. Whether you are intere-

sted in a brewery tour, brewing workshop, beer hicking trail, exhibitions,

or travel offers – you’ll find the offer that is right for you!

ehingen’s Beer history

• Oldest relevant reference in town‘s history cites Ehingen‘s beer brewer

Walter Wender in 1384

The town of Ehingen received the Gold Medal for their hops quality at

the hops exhibition in Tettnang in 1875. In 1877 they received a further

Gold Medal at the hops exhibition in Nuremberg

• 21 operational breweries were counted in the city of Ehingen

around 1890

• In July 2009, the Beer Culture City of Ehingen was awarded first prize

at the “Touristic Concept Competition Land of Connoisseurs Baden-


„We’re on a trek from one beer to the next“ is the trend since 2009 on

the beer hiking trail, which only one year later was voted one of the

most beautiful hiking trails in Germany

• In March 2012, the Schwanen Brewery opened the world’s first BierKul-

turHotel (Beer Culture Hotel)